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Why Does My House Have Ants?

Food sources like vegetable gardens and fruit trees can invite ants inside your home. Shrubs and non-fruit bearing trees are other food sources that ants feast on. Plant them too close to your home and you may find ants in one or more of your rooms. Openings in the outer exterior of your home, walls and windows are other reasons why you may have ants in your house.?

Ants ares mall, giving them easy access to indoor shelter. Once they breed, they become a small army, crawling over or into near anything in sight. Fortunately, there are natural ways to rid of ants. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to opt to take this route.

Getting Rid of House Ants

Similar to mold, ants love moisture. If you’re ready to see this small marching army go without causing harm to the insects, try:

  • Wiping counters down after running water or preparing a meal. Do this in the kitchen, bathroom and each room where you have a water source.
  • Placing grits where ants are breeding. Try this once and see if it doesn’t reduce the numbers of ants that you have. Why grits? They dehydrate ants.
  • Mixing pepper or cinnamon with water. Make sure that you add a strong dose of pepper or cinnamon.
  • Spraying the mixture in areas where ants nest. Continue spraying for several days.
  • Clean out your gutters, as clogged gutters keep moisture on your home.
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper in areas where you spot ants.

What You Can Do To Keep Ants Away

  • Leaving food out is a good way to attract ants. Wrap breads with a tie. Keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator,especially after you slice the food. If your garbage pail doesn’t have a top on it, keep the top of garbage bags sealed, and empty your garbage one or more times a week. It also helps to spray the inside of your garbage pail with an insect repellant before you line it with a new bag. Spot any food droppings on pail? Wash it off with white vinegar and water.
  • Clean well. Again, wipe counters down. Sweep and vacuum up crumbs. If you have young children, consider cleaning the floor area near where they eat once a day.
  • Keep areas dry.
  • Save food in a sealed bag in the refrigerator.
  • Spot where ants are entering your home and seal these areas
  • Use an environmentally safe bug repellant
  • Contact an exterminator if the above actions don’t rid your home of all ants. Ask the exterminator where the ants are entering your home and requests additional preventive actions that you can take.

Let them get inside your home and you may not see one good thing about ants. But, work that ants do helps nature. They strengthen the soil, help rid the earth of organic waste and they reduce the numbers of other pests. Take one or more of the above steps and you may find ants leaving your home and returning to the great outdoors.

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